Alien Armageddon: 1943

Created by Dren Productions LLC

An adult sci-fi WW2 epic!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

VIrgin Metal Covers!
4 months ago – Tue, Jan 16, 2024 at 06:18:35 AM

Hey all!

Thanks so much for getting us this far!

We are unlocking a new add-on for you now! The Virgin Metal Covers! Take a look!

So, we are limiting these covers to only 10 copies. They will be first come, first served. So if you want one, it would be a great idea to jump on them. 


But, because we also unlocked a stretch goal, we're going to announce another.

We are going to send every physical backer a mini-print featuring Zane's artwork once we hit this next goal! And then...

Because we want to include our digital backers in as well, once we hit this goal, we'll send everyone this adorable digital sticker as well! 

That's all for the moment. Until next time...


Check out Critter!

This is a very successful comic series by our friends at Big Dog! It's something that just needs to be seen!

Head on over and give it a look now!

Thanks all!


Even More For You!
4 months ago – Sat, Jan 13, 2024 at 04:29:23 AM

Hey all!

We hit our last stretch goal last night, so all of our physical backers are snagging themselves a bookmark! 

We appreciate all the support you've shown us so far, and have some more wonderful surprises for you! Thank you so much!

So, we have two more stretch goals for you! The first is some behind the scenes materials for you to see, including the script, unfinished artwork, and even some unused pieces from the book!

Then we'll have another unlockable cover. This will be another limited cover, and we'll explain more when we unlock. But this will be an awesome metal cover!

That's all for now, We'll announce more as we unlock. In the meantime, we want to thank you all again for the support of this project. We appreciate it!


We have a cool new project for you to check out too!

Brandon is a photographer for an adult magazine, working with a variety of models. He runs photo shoots with numerous attractive women disrobing for him, while at the same time engaging in conversation with them. It can be at times funny, dark, serious, sad, strange and every other emotion on the spectrum!

Head on over and give it a look.

If you like Supernatural, Buffy TVS, Silent Hill, Evil Dead, Stranger Things, Good Omens, Horror, The Crow or Resident Evil, this is for you.

Come immerse yourself in the dark and enthralling world of the worthy chaos series

The fate of heaven, hell, and the entire cosmos hangs in the balance. Seraphina, a descendant of angels, and demon descendant Draven, two souls bound by destiny, must unearth their forgotten powers, unlock the secrets of their past lives, and rewrite the eternal conflict between angel and demon.

This one is worth a look too!

Thanks all!


Free Digital Comic Unlocked!
4 months ago – Fri, Jan 12, 2024 at 04:19:34 AM

Hey all!

We're excited to tell you that we passed another stretch goal! 

We also wanted to give you all another great big THANK YOU!!! You are all awesome and because of you we're chugging right through these stretch goals!

So, we are all going to get this awesome comic that is going to connect into the events of Alien Armageddon (among other things). The comic is at the colorist right now, and if we get some pages back before the campaign is over, we will be sure to share them here. Just know everyone will be able to access this free 8-page digital comic short. And that this is a comic you are really going to like. 

Up next we have the bookmark, and we're on track to hit that sometime soon too. If you want to help us get there faster, you can by sharing the campaign out to as many places as possible. The more eyes we get on this campaign, the better it will be! We have a lot of stuff to unlock, but only if we keep climbing!

We'll announce more stretch goals once we unlock this one!


We have another great comic for you to check out today! Give them a look!

Zombie Terrors - A Collection of Brain Eating Zombie Horror Comics

The Flesh-Eating anthology is back! Featuring a creative cast of incredible international talent. In 'Bloody Good Time' Desperate and alone, an undercover cop tries to make his way out of a biker club. Definitely not the groovy night he was looking for. Story by Mark Kidwell, Script by Jeff Vigil, art by Tim Vigil (Faust). In 'Cellar Dwellers' A serial killer gets his just desserts when the bodies buried in his cellar rise again, written and illustrated by Dwayne Harris (Heavy Metal, Warlash). In 'Cosplay Sacrifice' a group of fanboys has to fight against a horde of cosplay zombies who are dressed as their comic book heroes written and illustrated by Frank Forte. In “Survival” A cynical family of mad men doing what it takes to survive in an agonizing zombie world– written by Pablo Barbieri and art by Carlos Vera.

Head over now and check them out!

Thanks all!


More Stretch Goals? Wow!
4 months ago – Thu, Jan 11, 2024 at 04:34:03 AM

Hey all, 

We didn't get to jump on yesterday evening, but that's okay, because since then, we actually passed another stretch goal! That means that we have two more stretch goals in the books for you!!

All our physical backers will be snagging a magnet, and we are unlocking a special pair of covers for everyone to grab!

So, we do have a new comic cover for you. We are going to do a virgin holofoil cover featuring Gregbo's artwork. These are limited edition, and we will only print how many or pledged for. So, if we have 25 people that want them, then there will only be 25 copies printed. If we have 50, then there will be 50 copies printed. 

The holofoil covers will not be available after the campaign is over. 

Take a look. 

That's all for now. We'll update again soon!

We do want to point you at a couple of other great campaigns on Kickstarter now we think you'll like. 

The children's classic Where The Wild Things Are gets a nightmarish twist in this fun, all-ages comic of adventure, fantasy and horror.

Maxine loves watching horror movies with her dad so much that it makes her mad when he says tonight's viewing is "too scary." She retreats to her room, which gets swallowed up into a bizarre world of creatures and monsters. At first, Max loves this strange place where the nightmares are, but are these fiends friendly? Or do they have a more menacing plan in mind?

Head over and check it out.

Then we have this cool comic. 

They may be polar opposites, but they will find love... even if they have to kill each other to do it.

Picking right up where Hope & Sin #1 left off, Hope & Sin #2 partially overlaps with the events of Sister Mercy #5, not only retelling some familiar moments from an alternate, more hedonistic perspective, but also setting the seeds for their own story which will soon take them beyond the pages of Sister Mercy and on their own uninhibited and debauched adventures.

See what this one is all about too!

Thanks all!


Great Start!
4 months ago – Wed, Jan 10, 2024 at 04:43:40 AM

Hey all!

It's been almost 24 hours since we launched this project, and we have to say that we are off to an awesome start! And that's all because of you guys! We cannot thank you enough for coming out and supporting our project! It's because of you guys that keeps us going!!!! We love you, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

So, we guess you guys want to see some stretch goals! Well, we have them for you! As usual, our stretch goals will be announced throughout the campaign, as we unlock them. However, here are the first three (3) for you! One of them we've already unlocked, and the second we are very close to!

So, as you can see, everyone is already going to get the digital wallpapers, and we are very close to the magnet. After that we will unlock the exclusive holofoil for both of Gregbo's covers. If you have been following us for a while, you know the deal with those, if you are new to us, we'll explain a bit more when we unlock them. Just know that they are a limited edition cover. 

Anyway, we will be back again sometime today we are sure to tell you we've unlocked some more, and hopefully tell you about some more stretch goals.

We want to send out one more great big thank you to you all before we leave! You guys are just great!

Thanks all!